Thursday, 22 October 2015

Book Group - Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell represents the first ever book we read at book group. There were some trials and errors along the way. Firstly, on the night in question there were only two of us that could make it and, for the first meet up - we felt a bit of a let down! As well as this, neither of us had quite finished the book (we were very close!) and so when we accidentally picked up the wrong questions, we didn't realise for the first couple of questions! Oops! However, a quick recovery was made when we looked up some more questions and had a good old chat about the book, as well as a plan for the future of the book group.

These are the sites we (eventually) used for the discussion:
So whilst this isn't the first book group blog post, this book here represents the first official meet up!

Do you have similar story about setting up your book group? Or were you free from mishaps right from the start. Let us know!

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