Saturday, 26 September 2015

Book Group - Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

We picked this book because we were a) looking for a classic, b) looking for something cheap! and, c) looking for something short. We were also looking for something none of us had read. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad fit the bill.

As usual, we were a mix of Kindle/ charity shop purchases - and one of the group, with an Audible account, downloaded the Kenneth Branagh narration. A number of us had seen Apocalypse Now! which the books is based on, but decided that we wouldn't watch it as part of the group.

As a whole we all enjoyed the book and there were no real differences in opinion.

As a classic, there are lots of sources for book group/ reading group questions. A selection can be found here:
The areas we concentrated on were:
  • Narrator, and reliability thereof
  • The jungle, and what it would be like to be there
  • The feels we thought we would have in a similar situation
Hope this blog post is of use if you come across it on your reading journey!

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