Monday, 4 March 2013

Bookgroup - Song of Achilles (The Ballad of Archie)

Firstly, we picked this book as it was the winner of the 2012 Women's Prize for Fiction (previously Orange Prize for Fiction). A personal favourite source of books for me, this was probably the first book that, as a group, we all loved! It caught us unawares really as are used to disagreeing and we all seemed to love it for different reasons which added to our joy when discussing it.

There are quite a lot of websites proclaiming Discussion Questions but they all seem to be the same ones repeated so I have reverted to the questions published on Madeline Miller's website.

The questions we asked ourselves were:
  • Did you like the book and why?
  • Do you think that you need to know about the greek myth in order to understand/ enjoy the book?
  • Did you discover a need to look up the Greek story? (I did!)
  • How is love portrayed in the story? Do you ever think of Achilles and Patroclus being the same sex?
  • If you had to describe the book to someone to encourage them to read it, how would you did it?

Finally, there's a great wee piece in the Guardian about it which can be found here.

Have you read Song of Achilles? What did you think? Good book group read?

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