Sunday, 15 April 2012

What a Carve Up! - Jonathan Coe

When we selected What a Carve Up! as a book group book, I was a little sceptical - 512 pages long is pretty long - but as we picked the book before Christmas - we thought that we would have more time that usual to read.

Lo and behold, leading up to the group, lots of people dropped out.  Some for an interesting reason - that they had started the book, weren't going to finish in time for the group and didn't want to ruin the ending! I imagine that we'll end up talking about the book at the next book group to make up for it. :-)

There aren't too many resources for the book - but the Guardian book group did discuss the book under the headings of mysteries, coincidences and  a section about the author himself.  These proved to be useful talking points.

As there were only two (!) of us at the group, we struggle to focus on the book - but we did talk about the characters (who we hated the most, what they represented), the different strands of "evil" and parallels with the politics of today in the UK.

After reading the book, I mentioned it to my father in law and it turned out that he has lots of Jonathan Coe and has since lent me a couple.  He also lent me Salmon Fishing in the Yemen by Paul Torday which I've since read and will write about another time.

I think it's fair to say that I LOVED the book and was a little sad I didn't get to speak about it with more people! So if anyone's read it and wants to comment, then please do below!


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