Tuesday, 7 February 2012

How to pick books for book group

A while back, our book group came across a bit of a hump where we couldn't find the inspiration for books to read. We were also attempting to pick two books in advance, in order to give the more diligent members more time to read.

Anyways, we came up with a list of the following places to find books:

  • The Costa Book Awards Late entry for us, we haven't used yet - but prize announced in January. 
  • World Book Night (also a chance for free books!) This year's world book night is the 23 April 2012. We each decided to register for different books to pass around to pass out on world book night too of course!
  • Orange Prize for Fiction The short list in April and the winner in June. 
  • The Man Booker Prize The long list in July, short list in September and the winner in October. We used the short list and picked our most recent read Jamrach's Menagerie by Carol Birch.
  • Richard and Judy Book Club Don't knock Richard and Judy! Apart from the outstanding fact that they don't seem to provide questions for the books - they pick a list of books around four times a year and whilst not "literature" per se they are always a good read.
  • Guardian Book Club The Guardian provide a wealth of different books with lots of questions / thoughts for discussions. Our March book is What a Carve Up by Jonathan Coe and was picked from a recent read.

As well as being useful for the book group, it's given me personally a lot of food for thought and part of my book resolutions for 2012 is to read more modern writing as I'm usually so far behind the times!

There are of course lots more places, please do comment and let us know where resources you've used to find books and we'll update the list in due course.

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  1. Or... check out Book Festival programmes and see who's coming and what sounds interesting. That might be a longer list than you're looking for, and doesn't generally give you access to suggested questions. But it does lend itself to book group outings.